School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Medical Insurance and Payments

Physicians participate with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare and multiple other health plans. Specific plan participation is verified at the time of service. Services payable by insurance are billed directly to the insurance company involved. Many plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance and require full payment before scheduling of the procedure. The office staff will discuss payment policies at the time of the first clinic visit..

Insurance is considered a method of compensating the patient for medical expenses. Insurance companies vary greatly in the method and amount of payment made for medical services and may not entirely pay for the services provided. Any deductible amounts, co-payments, or other allowable balances not paid by the insurance company are the responsibility of the patient.


Patients are expected to pay for professional services at the time they receive them. Our fees are at a reasonable level, based upon community standards. The office staff will discuss fee and payment requirements during the clinic visit. For the convenience of the patient, Visa, Master Card, Care Credit, personal checks and cash are accepted. Questions about fees or payment policies can be discussed with our trained office staff.

Patients who have major medical coverage on their insurance plans may have to submit receipts to the insurance carrier for direct reimbursement, according to the terms of the policy. Major medical does not pay the doctor directly.